Monday, December 7, 2009

Out of Picture: Volume 2

Character line up from my short story, "Crawdaddy-O". Crawdaddy-O is a part of a creative collaboration of Blue Sky Studios artists entitled, Out of Picture: Volume 2.

Crawdaddy-O tells a tale of three mischievous alligators from the murky bayous of Louisiana. Their adventure begins when they follow a steamboat passenger dressed in a crawdad costume. Little do they know, their pursuit of a tasty snack lands them in the crowded streets of New Orleans during a spectacular Mardis Gras celebration.


  1. Your work is amazing Lizette!!!! You are so talented!

    -Cristina Benavides
    Bay Area, CA

  2. Love it. How did you colour these pics?


  3. Always a fan of you gators! Always make me laugh!